Games and Movies? Can it be Art?

So what count as art?

When the word art comes to your mind, you usually think of pencil sketches, painted portraits, pottery, comic books, etc.

Okay, but can digital pieces be considered art. I’m not talking about things drawn on a tablet and converted digitally (though some could argue). I’m talking about pieces of creativity that are crafted only on electronic devices. Can movies be art? Video games?

The answer is yes. To some, specifically those of the older generation, things like movies and video games can’t be looked at as art. Its understandable. to them, they’re sources of entertainment that simply there to pass the time, but there is more buried all that blanket of coding and scene editing.

If one is to be blunt,  you do need to designs things like characters, costumes, story, and environments on paper with ink and paint before it translates over to the digital plain. Sure games and movies are ARE entertainment, but they’re also there to tell a story that words can’t. Movie makers and game developers are not only trying to create a gorgeous looking digital world, they also want to create something that resonates with their audience.

Movies like The Fountain, which tells the story of a man trying to find the cure for death or a game like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow which shows a man willing to go to the ends of the earth to find his wife and protect the innocent despite the countless amounts of betrayal and tragedy that occurred throughout the journey, are all pieces of art.

For us gamers and movie goers, it annoys us when we hear constantly that theses things are not an art form. We know it is because we’ve taken the time to explore and piece together what the theme is and what kind of message the source in question is trying to show us.

Just because something doesn’t appear in the traditional art format, and is something meant for enjoyment does not mean it is not piece of art. Now if you still don’t believe that games and movies can be considered an art form, that’s acceptable, but keep in mind on how narrow minded you can make your self. Just because your son or daughter connects with a game or a movie and you don’t doesn’t mean its meaningless. Think about that when you hear something saying how a game like Journey made them more emotionally connected to sand than they thought it could.


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