Society vs. Video Games Pt.I – Can Video Games Harmful to the Mind?

I’m pretty sure that every gamer has heard the old “video games rot your brain” or “playing to many video games aren’t good for you” sometime in their lives. Whether it’s from your parents, grandparents (who are often the ones to say it) or some random person on the streets who sees you playing on your 3DS or PSVita on your train ride to school (I have gotten that myself on a few occasions.)

Now too much of anything isn’t good for you, but why is it that people bash on something like video games to prove their point. Well besides the fact that various people from various occupations, (i.e. politicians, doctors, etc.) use it as a crutch to further their negative point. It’s mostly because it’s really the easiest thing to pick on.

One thing that I want to about is how playing too many video games can lead to having many psychological issues and becoming very aggressive and violent.

The answer is NO they don’t.

As a gamer myself, I have played many graphic and violent games. Ranging from Mortal Kombat to Bloodborne (one of my favorites of all time) and have yet to go on a murdering rampage or yet to have some form of psychological trauma.

In a recent article of USNews, its state how back in 2010, European children ages 6-11 who play video games are more likely to have less psychological issues over kids that don’t play. This info comes from the Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology.

Violence is the natural part of life. We’ve had to use violence to claim our independence from Great Britain during the Revolutionary War all those years ago. When people complain about violence in the virtual world, it really makes no sense when it isn’t bringing anyone harm in any way. Now any right minded parent should be worried it a violent game is truly affecting their child, but a majority of the time, the outrageous claims of games causing violence in real life usually come from people who aren’t knowledgeable about games or once again people using the source of entertainment as a crutch to further their point.

Jack Thompson is an activist that has gone above and beyond to prove that video games are promoting violence in real life. One game, in particular, he often tackles is the Grand Theft Auto franchise (just like everyone else. Rockstar is really sipping on their glasses of champagne for all the attention they get.) Mr. Thompson has stated that official studies show that game like GTA and Bully promote real life violence and murder.

In two videos in 2006, Jack makes these bold statements not only on live television, but as well as the once popular game talk show, G4.

The real question is children are being corrupted by games, why are the parents not aware of the kinds of games their child is playing? Maybe parents need to starting setting up specific rules for the younger children so they can’t be corrupted…


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