Society vs. Video Games Pt.II – Women in Games

I know a lot of you gamers just sighed and rolled your heads in annoyance, and I completely agree. Look, let’s be honest here, video games are meant for entertainment purposes, but there are times where they can portray some form of political and/or deep philosophical message. Now, I am all for women in gaming. Whether they be avid gamers or actually take part in the actual development if the game. Objectifying women any way is just wrong and even in a game; I personally will not stand for it because all men and women should be equal (The fact that we have had to fight for rights that should already be given is ridiculous.)

Now there has been some “questionable” representation of women in the game industry. Some examples got from the promotional poster for the PSP game, The 3rd Birthday, The collectors edition of Dead Island Riptide that came packaged with a statue of a bikini-clad corpse torso, or the game Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball which focuses more on the sex appeal of the female characters instead of the serious toned storytelling the series is known for. Now it isn’t that these game developers are misogynistic, sex-crazed pigs, it’s that because a majority of people who are hardcore gamers and literally fund the gaming industry are male. So what to do? Cater to your main audience.

This type of fan-service could be looked at as sexist, but it really isn’t.

Though the game industry isn’t completely free from this topic. In the game, Ride to Hell – Retribution, A mechanic in the game allows to have sexual intercourse with a woman as a reward for helping her and or completing a mission involving her. Now that is sexist. This is an outright negative portrayal of women, but why is it that something like this is brought up in conversation last for like a day or two, but something isn’t sexist or isn’t intelligent sexist covered my several news outlet? Well it does all stem from the popularity of the games in question. The same rule applies to anything. Like something like Super Mario. Bros will get more attention for its “damsel in distress” plot rather than something of the likes of Bayonetta because of its popularity (thought the latter did develop quite the heat.)

There is actually more that needs to be discussed about this matter. Let’s just say this however.There is a slight problem of how woman are portrayed in the industry, but there isn’t anything cruel going on. Gaming companies are just simply not well equipped for this kind of social view. We need to remember that they are in the entertainment business. Yes they should make sure that nothing is offensive in their games, but their main goal is the make a game that not only appeals in story, but as well as visuals and gameplay. There is another problem however…

That is when people OVERREACT to non offensive things….

(To be continued…)

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