Why Overwatch Was so Successful

I love Overwatch.

For someone who isn’t the biggest fan of FPS, the game was an astounding success as it got my very interest from the very beginning. Now ever since the game’s debut at Blizzard’s annual BlizzCon 2014 up to it release on store shelves in 2016, so many controversial topic have popped up within the game community. Things like “the game was overhyped”, “its just a Team Fortress 2 knock off with more money put into it”, the list goes on.

When apart of any fandom, one rule must be made: DO NOT  let your love for the game cloud your judgement and stop you from seeing the flaws. I can openly admit that Overwatch far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean its bad in anyway.

One good thing that can be named off the top of my head is the fact that all add-ons developer Blizzard develops and distributes are 100% free. To some, this is a trivial matter, but people need to understand that in this day and age where add-on/DLC cost numerous amounts of money, this aspect stuck out to people who don’t have the money to keep up with all this extra content developers shell out monthly of to those who want to spend it on content they may not want.

Another reason of its success it how story driven the game is. Yes, the lore of the OW universe isn’t directly shoved in your face like most games today, but because its not it keeps fans constantly finding out lore concepts and that fascination tells the developers that they’re doing a good job (but we could still use a story mode if you ask me…)

Thirdly, the most critical aspect. The gameplay. You could argue that it help improve the team based genre when you add in the factor of it forces playing to rely and build upon their skills with each character is locked with their own unique abilities rather then picking up the stronger items scattered around the map like most shooters do.

One to the main aspect of the controversy, the gameplay. In the words of many gamers, Overwatch plays very similar to Team Fortress 2. Now let me go on the record and say I’ve never played TF2. So I’m not going to sat that Overwatch is nothing like the former in any way shape or form because they both play simliar as they both fall in to the catagory of team based shooters. (Like seriously they look similar because they share identical gameplay elements) It gets irritating when you hear a ‘blank’ is just a ‘blank’ knock off. If that’s the case then many companies should sue other for “ripping off” their ideas. Capcom should sue everyone fighting game creator out their for mimicking Street Fighter for their 2D gameplay. I’m not going to deny that Overwatch possibly took from TF2, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

The team at Blizzard knew what they were doing when they designed the game, and while they have some mistakes and errors post-release, they are making an effort to keep the game fresh constantly and blatantly clear that the game will be around for a long time.

If you’re having problems with Overwatch, then the answer is simple…….just….step away from it. Don’t look at any game play videos, don’t watch any tournaments, just pretend it doesn’t exist. Simple, right?

I would love to hear form you. What are your thoughts?


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