PC vs. Console

The biggest debate of all gamers. Who’s superior? I want to make this a serious and calm discussion because while I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while, I personally can’t stand when people shout “PC master race!” from across the street (for real though, this did happen not too long ago.) The only thing I’ve to say is, who the hell cares?

Now for all you console players out there, I’m pretty sure you’ve had the ‘PC is so much better than console.’ Let me be the first to say to don’t it gst to you. PC gaming is great and yes while they are right in some aspect, PC does suffer from quite a few things and there are things consoles fail in. No platform is perfect and we should acknowledge that.

And if your the person that says they hate PC gaming because on the elitists, in this situation, the player, not the platform.

Lets focus on three things each platform excels and falls in.


Gaming PC’s of desktops are very pricey and are hard to afford. Now there is always the option of building your own PC, but you may not have access to parts or know someone who can build it themselves.

Consoles, while still very expensive, are not on the same page as PC’s are far cheaper than the former. Usually ranging from $300 to $400 and usually comes bundled with a game to help you start.


This is where the consoles fall flat on their face. Though the graphics on consoles are superb. Some are able to generate high power and present a crystal clear visuals.

PC’s reign supreme however, as they have a higher processing power than the consoles and can generate high end graphics, ranging from textures to even a higher framerate, depending on the game.

Specs on games:

This one can go either way. Console owners don’t have to worry about constaantly shelling out money to upgrade to the latest graphics card as the systems usually supports all existing and upcoming games. The drawback however, is that because there is a set limit on the consoles,  older games do not enhance as well and even newer games still won’t be a clear as others.

Usually on PC, certain games run smoother on certain graphic card. Should the new game you bought not run smoothly, it requires a stronger one which usually means spending more money. Turning down the resolution could alleviate the problem, but it could distort your vision on the game. To some, it pays off upgrading to the stronger card to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Now these are just a few things that gamers debate about. There is just TOO much talk about as this is a big topic in the gaming community, but the auestions is really, who cares. Both platforms offer enjoyable games that can be played by everyone, each has their stremgths and weaknesses and some people just bluntly perfer home consoles and some people prefer PC gaming. No systems is right for everyone. I personally enjoy PC gaming, but I’m not going to ignore my PS4 or 3DS solely because the former can offer better graphics. 

What are your thoughts? What do you prefer. 


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